Visa allows people to visit countries for a holiday or to visit family and friends or for short business visits. Visitor Visas are granted for a specific duration depending on the applicant’s circumstances at the time of application. They can be single entry visas, permitting just one entry into a country or they can be granted for multiple visits should you have a necessity to visit a number of times within a specified period. The multiple entry visas are generally aimed at business people, however, anyone can apply for such status with a valid reason.
The company has expertise and experience in following visa categories such as Tourist Visa Applications, Appeals of Rejected Visas, Business visa and Transit visa.
Our services:

  • Consular service
  • Update the applicant with new immigration laws to relevant Countries
  • Assessments for visas and Refusals
  • Handle Visit / Business / Tourist Visas to Any Country
  • Preparing your application for successful lodgment
  • Interview Preparation in case you are called for Interview
  • Assist to book accommodation
  • Arrange travel tickets
  • Assist to arrange traveler’s insurance
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